Role of Marketing in Increasing Sales and Revenue

Marketing Helps in Boosting Sales and Revenue

Often, business owners are sceptical about deciding whether to market themselves or not. They are often unaware of the fact that marketing is an investment. Upon putting your money strategically and using the resources mindfully, marketing can get you the best possible results. The truth is that most business owners believe in traditional ways of doing business which implies believing much more in the product. They often see marketing as a waste of capital and time. 

But the truth lies deep inside the fundamentals of marketing. The world is changing rapidly. The ways to communicate with people are changing rapidly too. We have been introduced to technology lately which has turned the advertising game. We have come a long way above newspaper and banner ads. Technology has gifted us the leverage to advertise online at a reduced cost and with fewer efforts. Advertising and promoting online is what we call Online or Digital Marketing.

This is the time when there is cut-throat competition almost in every arena. And hence, there is a constant need for your brand’s name to be heard. While everyone out there is using social media and web browsers at their full capacity to market themselves, few businesses are still confused about it. 97% of the businesses have seen a steep growth (their sales increased nearly by 40%) after marketing themselves.

What is Digital Marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing, using online resources and social media to promote your business or to generate sales is called Digital Marketing. This is the most trending way of marketing over the past decade. As more and more people started to use the internet, this has been the most effective way of marketing. Digital Marketing includes Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and much more.

Benefits of Marketing

The fact that 97% of the businesses have got the results after marketing themselves, is enough to prove that your product is not enough. The need for marketing is significant. Let’s see why It is important-

1. Brand Awareness

Marketing is dedicated to reaching prospects. Your Brand’s image works as a deciding factor upon which the decision of the prospect lies. Trust is the basic building block between the customer and the seller. Brand awareness tends to build trust between the two parties. In India especially, we purchase stuff whom we trust upon. Hence, Marketing helps build your Brand Image.

2. Boosting Sales

As people would start knowing your name and start trusting you. They are going to purchase products or services from you. This increases your sales.

3. Iteration

While you spend most of your time discussing your products with your Board of Directors or Investors. We believe that the best way to make improvements is to ask your customers themselves. The users know it better. 

Marketing allows you to connect with your customers and get their feedback on your products. You can then iterate your products better and can generate more profit, as a result.

Setting up a Marketing Funnel is not easy as it seems. You need a get a full-fledged team of experts that can help you get the results. Or either, you can help outsource it. Outsourcing seems to be a feasible option and we at Revoltic Reach are dedicated to helping you with your marketing chores. 
We are the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, having served 80+ business owners with to-the-point marketing solutions and producing amazing results.

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