Avoid These 4 Marketing Mistakes While Marketing Your Gym

If you don’t have a marketing strategy for your Gym, the results won’t come your way. No matter how much your marketing budget is, you will end up losing all your money without a clear marketing strategy. You will end up making the deadliest marketing mistakes and often end up losing money and deteriorating your brand’s image.

Marketing has never been easier in the fitness industry. Especially for gyms, acquiring new members and retaining the older ones requires attention. When you build a marketing strategy to attract new members, you should create strategies to retain the existing members.

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While all this seems hectic, marketing enthusiasts and gym owners make several mistakes which result in capital loss and portray an unintended image of your brand. 

Understanding this, We at Revoltic Reach have a team of experts tailoring business and branding solutions for brands in the fitness industry. We as the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, deliver end-to-end marketing and branding solutions to brands to make it easier for them to build their brand’s definition and beat the competition.

Let’s go further and dive deep into understanding some of the common mistakes people make while marketing their gyms or fitness centres.

1. Not Using Digital Platforms And The Web

It’s 2022 while we are publishing this blog and there are still fitness businesses that refrain from marketing themselves online. Traditional marketing can still generate good results for you and there is no harm in adapting to the traditional mode of marketing. But, we believe that using digital platforms to market your business can generate much better results for you if done strategically. 

Most businesses (gyms) don’t own a website. There were days when websites were seen as mere brochures. Websites can be very effective tools nowadays to build your brand presence and generate leads for you. If your website is generating no leads for your business, you need to fix your website up or consult a website agency.

In the same way, useful content related to the industry could be posted on social media platforms. Social Media has gone volatile now and growing there as a brand has become easier. You can even run paid ads to reach your target audience specifically.

2. Being Too Much Price-centric

Often, the fitness centre owners enter a price war with their competitors and they set themselves in a trap. It is never a good idea to lower your prices to compete with your competitors. 

It could be possible that their margins are high and they have space to lower their prices. You never know how much leverage your competitor has. It is always better to stay out of price wars to attract prospects.

Instead of entering into a price war, you can –

  • Improve your services and add rewards for the same price.
  • Provide offers to new customers.
  • Sell personalised membership plans according to their needs.
  • Understand your target audience’s needs.

3. Not Being Aware of Your Target Audience

This is the most common marketing mistake done by businesses. While focusing on scalability, they create a very generic marketing strategy. Being generic about the target audience often misleads you from reaching your marketing goals. It portrays a different picture of the marketing plan and the intended results in front of you, which may not be possible to achieve.

However, marketing your business to your target audience has become easier. You can use social media tools to run ads specifically to your target audience.

You can define the following points while defining your target audience –

  • Age Group
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Purchasing Habits
  • Social Beliefs
  • And much more.

4. Providing Discounts More Often

Providing Discounts and Loyalty Offers to your customers can be a very good move to boost your sales and revenue. But, offering discounts and offers more often can reduce your brand value.

Instead, you can – 

  • Provide discounts for the first month of the membership.
  • Provide festive discounts.
  • Provide special discounts to old members.
  • Provide Birthday month offers.

Along with avoiding these mistakes, there are a few strategies that you may apply to increase your prospects’ loyalty like organising trips, competitions, giving birthday gifts and a lot more.

Always avoid these four major marketing mistakes and you will witness positive results soon.

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